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CPMS work across the Greater Manchester area, helping our customers keep their car parks secure and effectively managed. In 2015 we have started to issue court summons against motorists who don't pay their parking charge notice (PCN). This is proving to be very effective and since the court of appeal ruling BEAVIS V PARKING EYE on the 22/04/2015 and the upholding of that decision by the supreme court 4/11/15 we are now in the process of issue a substantial amount more. This should benefit our clients in the near future as word spreads that the PCNs we issue are enforceable.

Listed below are some of the cases that we have recently won:


  •            2016 CLAIMS
  • MOUIN OMARI B2QZ3H1R @Wilmslow Park,Manchester 
  • PATRICK SHAW B2QZ0H5R@ Castlefield,Manchester 
  • LAURA ANNE JAMES B1QZ1H2R @ Castlefield,Manchester 
  • VICTORIA LEE B9QZ9G2G@Castlefield,Manchester 
  • JULIE SOBUTTS B2QZ2K6X @ Alto apartments Salford
  • COSKIN CETIN B2QZ2K4X @Wilmslow park,Manchester 
  • HAYLEY FRANCES WALSH B7QZ9K7Z Castlefield,Manchester 
  • MOHAMMEDHUSSAIN B7QZ9K5Z @Deakins park,Bolton 
  • THOMAS LlOYD B2QZ5K6X @Wilmslow park,Manchester 
  • LOUISE FITZIMMONS C5QZ9939 @ Castlefield,Manchester 
  • POI NANG YE C6QZ2432 @ Wilmslow Park Manchester 
  • MOHD TAJUDDIN C6Qz2450 @ Wilmslow Park,Manchester 
  • NATHAN McDONNELL C6QZ2454 @ Wilmslow Park
  • SIMON LYONS C8QZ3451 @ Orient House,Manchester 
  • JOSHUA GRAHAM C9QZ3684 @Picadilly Parking
  • BRYONY SMITH C9QZ3668 @Taylors Electrics
  • SHELON MADIRE C9QZ4940 @Wilmslow Park,Manchester 
  • MATHEW LOCKLEY C5QZ268A @st Christopher house stockpot 
  • DAN PHILIPS C5QZ290A @st Christopher house Stockport 
  • MICHAEL BAGNALL C5QZ320A @ st Christopher house Stockport 
  • FERGUS MULCRONE C8QZ794E @Hill Quays Manchester 
  • RASHED SHAWKEY C3QZ228F @ Jacksons warehouse Manchester 
  • ANGELA HENDERSON C6QZ711E @st Christopher house Stockport 
  • CODY MULCAIR C6QZ907E @st Christopher house Stockport 
  • JONATHAN POLL C3QZ261F @jacksons warehouse Manchester 
  • SAMANTHA WILLOWS C6QZ673E @ st Christopher house Stockport 
  • JONATHAN HALLIWELL C0QZ137M @deakins park Bolton 
  • ANDREW MORGAN B5WZ20DOZ @deakins park Bolton 
  • AISHA BABA C0QZ470M @Deakins Park Bolton
  • DANIELLE AMOS C0QZ483M @Deakins Park Bolton 
  • MICHELLE BRANDWOOD C0QZ251M @Deakins Park Bolton
  • MARIAH BOON C3QZ583J@ Wilmslow Park Manchester 
  • EDWARD KIRKO C3QZ588J @ Andrews Autos Manchester 
  • JOSHUA RILEY C0QZ177M @ Deakins Park Bolton 
  • PAUL ANDREWS C0QZ493M @ Deakins Park Bolton 
  • JOHN BYRN B2QZ6K7X @ Deakins park Bolton
  • VICTORIA BANNON C7QZ479X @ Slate Wharf Manchester 
  • JADE KENNEDY C5QZ214A @ Venice street Manchester KARL NAUGHTON C7QZ958V@Wilderspool Park Warrington 
  • MICHELLE JONES C8WZ2165V @ Wilderspool Park Warrington 
  • JAMES ALEXANDER WARD C9QZ495O @ Cube apartments Manchester 
  • LEON WHITE C3QZ25C4 @ Jacksons warehouse Manchester 
  • CHELSEA FIELDS B7QZ942 @ Alto Apartments Salford
  • CAMERON BROWN C5QZ435T @ Victoria Halls Manchester 
  • BENJAMIN ALAIMO C5QZ451T @ Wilmslow Park Manchester SAMANTHA PORTER C5QZ567T @ Briarfields Halls Manchester 
  • LAUREN WRIGHT C5QZ588T @ Victoria Halls Manchester 
  • ALICIA SHEKONI C5QZ609T @ Manchester Tech Centre 
  • KAYLEIGH POLHILL C8QZ125V @ Wilderspool Park Warrington 
  • MUSTAPHA AHMAD C3QZ07C4 @ Jacksons warehouse Manchester 
  • Sarah Jerath NV building Salford Quays
  • Oliver McClean NV building Salford Quays
  • Sonia Ditta Hill Quays Manchester 
  • Jason Nolan Wilmslow park Manchester 
  • Damian Brooke's Deakins park Bolton 
  • Jamie Little Deakins park Bolton 
  • DMS Reprographics Deakins park Bolton
  • Alison Austin NV building Salford Quays
  • Status Global Group NV building Salford Quays
  • Scott Summerfield Victoria Halls Manchester 
  • Catherine Young Melrose apartments Manchester 
  • Geoffrey Sharpe Anchorage Quay Salford Quays
  • Samuel Adepoyigi NV building Salford Quays
  • Stanley Wright Deakins park Bolton 
  • Timothy Johnson Deakins park Bolton 
  • Aaron Ashworth Deakins park Bolton 
  • Rashes Shawkey Jacksons warehouse Manchester 
  • Hadi Ahmad Jacksons warehouse Manchester 
  • Leon White Jacksons warehouse Manchester 
  • Georgia Brogden Jacksons warehouse Manchester 
  • Chelsea-Lea Fekete Jacksons warehouse Manchester 
  • Abida Naqvi Jacksons warehouse Manchester 


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What Our Clients Say

CPMS have provided effective and efficient car park management at several of the properties that we manage. We had a major issue with unauthorised vehicles parking on our clients land prior to CPMS coming on board. Their operation has been hugely successful in ensuring that only customers and staff use the car parks. I would recommend Paul and rest of the team at CPMS to any other companies requiring this type of service

- Touchstone Residential

We have used CPMS for a number of years and have always been happy with excellent service they provide. The service is friendly and reliable and we would not hesitate to recommend them.

- Frathouse

We have been using CPMS for over 2 years at the Green Quarter.

They have are a very professional outfit and understand our needs and offer a fantastic service.

They monitor all our estate and car parks and Paul will always speak with myself before they give any tickets out.

All in all a very friendly and professional service. 

The Livingcity group

CPMS provide a first class service and we are proud to have them as part of our team. Paul is attentive and has a strong work ethic; he has extensive knowledge of parking rules and regulations and uses this knowledge to deliver an efficient and robust  service.

Undoubtedly, CPMS is business that has grown on longevity and a trust from its customers and we would not hesitate in recommending them.

- Castle Field Estates

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