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CPMS Manchester work with businesses and organisations across Greater Manchester, helping to prevent unauthorised parking and rogue parkers.

Your public or private car park is a space reserved for use by your staff, customers and visitors. With so many parking restrictions in and around towns and cities, some people often look for new places to park - whether they've got permission or not.

If your car park is full of unauthorised, problem parkers, you don't need to put up with it any longer. CPMS Manchester can manage your car park for you, deterring rogue parkers and issuing parking charge notices to those who park without permission.

To find out more about securing your car park in the Greater Manchester area, contact CPMS Manchester today.

Car Park Management Services (cpms)ltd may obtain your personal details including the vehicle registration number, name and address from the DVLA after 28 days of non payment of a parking charge notice.  

Where enforcement action is necessary, your details may be passed on to our debt recovery companies and/or solicitors should we need to  pursue any outstanding charges.  If enforcement action is necessary  there may be additional charges which will be added onto the outstanding balance. 

We are compliant with the  requirements on data release by the DVLA, we  only process/store  information for the purposes for which it was obtained and in accordance with data protection laws.

If you feel that you have a right to object under the GDPR regulations then you can contact us with your concern.  
dpo@cpmsmanchester.com or by visiting our website www.cpmsmanchester.com


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What Our Clients Say

CPMS have provided effective and efficient car park management at several of the properties that we manage. We had a major issue with unauthorised vehicles parking on our clients land prior to CPMS coming on board. Their operation has been hugely successful in ensuring that only customers and staff use the car parks. I would recommend Paul and rest of the team at CPMS to any other companies requiring this type of service

- Touchstone Residential

We have used CPMS for a number of years and have always been happy with excellent service they provide. The service is friendly and reliable and we would not hesitate to recommend them.

- Frathouse

We have been using CPMS for over 2 years at the Green Quarter.

They have are a very professional outfit and understand our needs and offer a fantastic service.

They monitor all our estate and car parks and Paul will always speak with myself before they give any tickets out.

All in all a very friendly and professional service. 

The Livingcity group

CPMS provide a first class service and we are proud to have them as part of our team. Paul is attentive and has a strong work ethic; he has extensive knowledge of parking rules and regulations and uses this knowledge to deliver an efficient and robust  service.

Undoubtedly, CPMS is business that has grown on longevity and a trust from its customers and we would not hesitate in recommending them.

- Castle Field Estates

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